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O spoločnosti

Travel agency CRV​-TOURS operates on the Croatian market since 1995. as part of the company CRV ​​d.o.o. for tourism, trade and services of travel agencies. Our business is focused primarily on cooperation with the Central European market, especially with Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Now we are expanding to other markets: Austria, Hungary, Germany, and Serbia. We specialize in organization and realization of stay for children and youth in our facilities. We have our own facilities in Crikvenica and Dramalj. These objects are: Depadanse Omorika, Apartment house CRV and SKOKO in Crikvenica and Hotel and Villa Dramalj in Dramalj. On the Croatian market, an especially great success is achieved in the organization of the "School in nature" for children in Croatian primary schools. We are successful in the organization of the health program of children from Czech Republic and youth -vacation for groups. We've also prepared an attractive offer for pensioners - winter at Adria, and we are preparing programs particularly attractive to the younger population.

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