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ADDA Consultants, s.r.o.

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O spoločnosti

Developing individuals, teams and organisations. At ADDA Consultants, we are dedicated to helping organisations, teams and individuals to achieve and to develop to their full potential. We offer a range of high tech tools and methodologies and form close partnership with our clients. • public courses • assessment centres • trainings • psychodiagnostics • coaching • teambuldings • competency models • 360 degree feedback • Since 2004 our team of highly qualified consultants and coaches have been helping businesses to identify talent, assess leadership competencies, design and implement systems for measuring managerial performance and develop future leaders by delivering a range of tailored training programmes and workshops. Our proprietary and licensed methodologies include virtual assessment centres, 360 degree feedback systems, state of the art psychometric measures, and many other innovative tools. We have delivered outstanding and concrete results with our products and services to many international clients including ACCENTURE, Bekaert, Continental, ČSOB, KIA Motors, Novartis, Peugeot/Citroen, RWE, VELUX. Our teams are based in Prague and Bratislava.

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